Boston Marathon Bombing


Me on the grass of Fenway Park wearing “The Lucky Hat” that saved our lives during the Boston Marathon Bombings. (1 year later)


The following is a letter Marty sent out to friends and family the night of the Boston Marathon.

April 15, 2013    11:55 p.m.

Dear family and friends,

I just wanted to update everyone that we are safe after today’s horrific bombings here in Boston.

Jeff and I were walking home today down Boylston Street from a Red Sox game, as we do every year on Patriots Day to stop and watch the Boston Marathon, when people started running towards us crying and screaming to turn around and run.  If you know me, you know I can’t run anywhere. We were just a few blocks and minutes away…. I should let you know just how lucky we were today. You see I had a coupon. That’s right. Shopping saved our lives. We made a five minute stop to buy myself a new baseball cap for the season. I even choose one with a lucky four leaf clover on the side for good luck. If we hadn’t have stopped…

We are still in shock. Feeling numb. Feeling blessed. Feeling???

Adele did great with all of the chaos and thousands of people. (Not that I am surprised)

I have never seen or heard so many sirens or screams. My ears are still ringing. We ended up getting stuck on the block between Fairfield and Exeter on Huntington Avenue which is one block over from where the bombs went off. The sidewalk was packed due to the number of people being evacuated from the tall buildings and the streets being closed off for all of the emergency vehicles. It became even scarier when we heard a third explosion (not certain what it was) that caused everyone to drop to the ground the instinct caused all of us to want to run away. We had no place to go. We heard rumors that the bombs were in the trash cans, one of which I was standing next to. At this point I got separated from Jeff. That was terrifying! A group of people noticed Adele and were kind enough to form a human wall around us to keep her from getting trampled. When this group of strangers heard I couldn’t find Jeff they started a chorus of yelling “Jeff” until people parted enough for him to get back to me. We witnessed many acts of kindness today. I watched one runner give up his mylar wrap to another runner who was shaking with fear and cold. We eventually ended up at a small bakery called the South End Buttery to rest. The staff here made sure we had warm drinks, food and a safe place for Adele. The kids who worked at the bakery ran home to get phone chargers and blankets. At one point the cell phone service in Boston had been shut down out of fear that the phones could set off the bombs. For all of you who called or texted worried for us, thank you, please know we were trying to contact you, it was just not possible. This afternoon was emotionally difficult because we could not reach Ethan who was on a class trip to Washington D.C.  We worried that he might get scared not knowing how we were doing since he knows we walk that way home every year. We finally reached him at 11:30pm tonight. He said D.C. was shut down also and that the teachers had asked the kids not to watch the news. I am thankful for that. He heard rumors that it was a bombing scare, so while he was concerned,  he was just not sure how concerned he should be.

Adele was a trooper who had to walk 11 miles today since our usual route was closed off. With no public transportation allowed I am thankful she was there to help me home. It took awhile with all of the alerts she was giving me.

Tonight at home all we hear are sirens and helicopters. No people. It’s eerie.

The news says Boston will be shut down for at least the next 24 hours. More bombs are being searched for all over the city. Please pray for those who were hurt, for those first responder heroes out there doing the dangerous work and for the EMT’s, doctors and nurses who are overwhelmed as I type this.

We are exhausted and cuddling tight tonight.

Love those around you and know we love you,

Marty, Jeff, Adele and Chewbacca