Fire Alarm

First the good news….

Adele my family, friends and I spent Sunday at the MSPCA walk for
animals here in Boston.
It was a short walk (1.3 miles around Boston Common) on a beautiful
fall day.
I was so proud of Adele and how well behaved she was around the 400
other animals in attendance.
We had a great time and even learned about Police dogs in a
demonstration given by the Boston Police.
Our favorite moment was following a bulldog being pulled on a
skateboard for the walk.

Now the embarrassing news…

Later that same day we were walking through the high rise building
where we park our car everyday.
I should note that this is a very high security building in the
middle of downtown Boston.
They have security guards everywhere, cameras, ramming barriers
outside of the doors,
concrete barriers that must be lowered before you pull your car into
the garage. and even bomb sniffing dogs.
Think post 9/11 security at the Federal Reserve Bank and you are on
the right track.
You get the point right?

Jeff (my husband) and Ethan (my son) have gone outside through the
revolving door.
I have just asked Adele to touch the assessable button (which she
does multiple times a day).
No big deal, right?
Then before I can react, Adele pulls the fire alarm lever!
“What genius put that directly above the door opener button?”
There I am stunned and thinking “No, she didn’t!”
No sound…no lights…’maybe it is broken?”
I try to push the lever back up but, it won’t budge!
Jeff and Ethan are on the other side of the door shaking their heads
at me and
Adele is waging her tail and looking at me as if to say, “Bet you
didn’t know I could do that?”

I turn slowly around and realize that security guards are rushing
towards us.
Red lights are flashing, alarms are blaring in the distance, and then
the faint sound of fire, police and ambulances are closing in.
“Don’t move” is being shouted above the noise and then my Service dog
goes on full alert.
“Double $%#@!”
Now I’m being alerted by Adele,
Jeff and Ethan are trapped outside surrounded by security guards,
and the fire brigade is coming threw the revolving door carrying axes.

All I can say is….

Very loudly….


After the Fire Chief stops laughing…
They manage to stop the alarms and light show, then the nice Fire
Chief lets me know that in his 22 years as a fireman that was a first.

Lucky me!
Let’s just say that Adele is getting quite the rep here in Boston.

Oh yeah…
Did I mention that Adele never stopped waging her tail the entire time.
My girl loves to live on the edge….

Marty and Adele (the now “fire dog”)