Police Chase

O.K. boys, girls and service dogs of all shapes and sizes curl up together it story time.
Once upon a time not so long ago…..
Our story takes place in a city far far away.
Disclaimer first…
Please note: (The city which shall remain unnamed is not where we live now, but,
it is the city that I spent many of my childhood years in.
So, it is dear to my heart and therefore I do not wish to taint anyones impression of.)
Where was I?
Oh yes,
far far away.
Four days before Adele and I had flown across country to be by my mother side as she lay comatose in a hospital. 
Day by day was how we where living out of a suitcase, that was only packed for a four day stay.
Little did I know that it would be a month before we would return home.
We had just spent another exhausting day in the I.C.U. of a small hospital tending to my sick mother.
It was late in the evening so we gathered our things and headed to the car.  
The night was warm and the stars where out watching over us as we crossed the parking lot.
Adele and I were planning to run one errand before returning to my brother’s home for some much needed rest.
I was in the front seat with the radio playing a tune I could sing-a-long with, and Adele was laying on the back seat,
enjoying the breeze coming through the sun roof window of our rented car.
We were a few miles from the hospital sitting in the far right lane at a red light when it began.
First we hear the screeching of brakes.
I look up into my rear view mirror and see it coming in my lane.
It’s a large white mini-van pushing so hard on the brakes that the front bumper is nearly dragging on the ground.
I see Adele’s ears twist backwards and I know we are in trouble.
I look though the front window and see the light is still red and cars are zooming by me at 45 miles per hour.
All time seems to slow down…
The braking noise behind me has taken on a new sound.
It’s the sound of tires going sideways.
I look in the rear-view again and see that the mini-van is indeed now going sideways and bouncing toward Adele in the backseat.
The front tires of the mini- van are heading toward the curb and time is running out.
I say a prayer, tell Adele to brace herself and let my foot off of my brakes.
We ease out into the intersection a few feet and a red car has to swerve to miss my left front end.
The mini-van is now on the curb inches from impacting us and I have no choice.
I close my eyes and slam on my brakes.
All is eerily quiet….
I open my eyes and to the right front of my car is the red car now sideways stopped on the cross street.
To my left I see the flash of lights.
I notice two police patrol cars across the intersection.
One has lights flashing and the other officer is jumping into his car.
They saw everything!
Can you believe it?
I couldn’t!
The first patrol car zoom across the intersection to help the woman in the little red car.
The second patrol car races toward the mimi-van behind me.
I just sit there and try to remember to breathe again.
After a short time the first patrol car officer sees that the woman in the red car is not hurt or hit and she goes on her way.
He comes up to me and with the flashlight in my eyes he says, “Ma’am, are you all right?”
I say, “I think so.”
He says, “I saw the whole thing.” 
“You did the right thing by pulling forward to avoid getting hit from behind. 
But, you could have killed that woman in the other car or yourself by pulling forward.”
That a tough and risky decision you had to make.”
“You sure are lucky!”
At that point it has occurred to the officer to shine his flashlight around my car to see if anyone else is in my vehicle.
He gets to the back-seat and sees Adele now standing in the back and staring at him.
What follows is why I have omitted names.
“HOLY $#!% !!!!!!”
“You ain’t BLIND is ya?”, he exclaims.
Try not to laugh at that man with a gun, I told myself!
I gave him my best “are you serious” look and he turned red even in the dark.
“Sorry”, was all he could say.
He then politely asked me to stay put while he checked my car for damage in the back.
I think he needed a moment to compose himself.
Meanwhile, I checked on Adele who looked like she was laughing in the back seat.
After a few minutes the officer asked me to step out of the vehicle and come see the back of my car.
What I saw gave me goose-bumps.
The mini-van was less than a quarter of an inch away from my bumper.
The officer said that if I had not pulled forward those few feet the mini-van would be in my back seat!
I got back into my car and he asked if I was all right again.
“Yes”, I said, “I just was in shock about what might have been.”
He suggested that we pull into the parking lot nearby and I followed him there.
We where standing outside of my car with Adele when he read her patches and asked me what was her service job.
I explained about my heart condition and he went into full panic mode, He seemed ready to call an ambulance for me.
After reassuring him about a dozen times that I was fine, “See” I said, “Adele is not even alerting me”. The officer curiosity was peaked and he started asking more questions about Adele at this point.
I think he was just trying to make sure I was okay to drive and stalling for time.
At this point he knows,
– where I am from 
– why am visiting 
– all about my mom
– where I have been
– where I am going
– all about my family back home
– that I am staying at my brothers
– Adele’s age, abilities, and quirks….
You get the picture.
I have been looking at my watch for the last half hour because I still had to run that errand.
He finally ask the question that will get me out of there!
“Are you late for something?”
“Actually, I am trying to get to the pet store before they close because Adele is out of food.”
(I had only pack enough for the few days I thought I was staying)
Now don’t walk away or fall asleep it’s about to get good!
He says and I quote,
“HOLY S#!% !!!!!!” (again)
“I have a lab and if they don’t get there food they are likely to eat your arm off!”
“Follow me”
He jumps into his police car, turns on the lights and shouts out the window, “Keep Up!”
I load Adele up in my car, slam the back door, jump into the front, buckle up and tell Adele to 
“Hang on girl, We’re going on a police chase!”
There I am in my old home town chasing the police at 85 miles per hour toward a Pet Store!
We arrive a few minutes later but it is to late, they are locking up for the night inside the store.
Does this stop our brave young officer?
Hell no!
He jumps out of the car, races toward the closed glass doors and bangs loudly all the while shouting,
“Open Up Police!”
The manager of the pet store nervously shuffles to the door and fumbles with the keys to open up.
“Is there a problem officer?” he shouts thru the glass.
“Yes” he replies and points to Adele who is walking me toward the store front.
“This – dog – needs – food!”
And they all lived happily every after!
The End!

Don’t you just love a man in uniform?
Marty and Adele